The more ways there are to help,
the fewer reasons there are not to.
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Action Academy Diplomas

When you interact, engage, or respond to the content in the Action Academy and throughout our website, you earn points. Commenting on blog posts or videos is a great way to share your thoughts – start a discussion! Sharing facts and figures helps spread the word about important issues, whether it’s to elected officials or your friends on Facebook. Our diplomas recognize your activity and contributions. You can also earn badges for viewing and interacting with specific content on a wide variety of topics.


You’ve shown your passion for education – but don’t stop now! You’ve earned 5,000 points.

Graduate Degree

Just over 10% of the U.S. population has a graduate/advanced degree – congratulations, you’ve earned 3,000 points!

Bachelor’s Degree

Did you know over 60% of jobs will require postsecondary credential by 2017? You’re on your way with 1,000 points.

High School Graduate

With that diploma, you’re looking at increased earnings, more job security, and 500 points.


You’re on the cusp of college and career readiness! You’ve earned 400 points.


Keep up the good work! Attendance in your junior year is a big indicator of future success! You’ve earned 300 points.


Avoid the sophomore slump, keep up the good work! You’ve earned 200 points.


Ninth grade is a critical transition point, and you’re on your way to success! You’ve earned 100 points.

Every Child a Graduate. Every Child Prepared for Life.