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Action Academy

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About Action Academy

Welcome to the Alliance for Excellent Education’s Action Academy, an online learning community of education advocates. We invite you to create an account, expand your knowledge on the most pressing issues in education, and communicate with others who share your interests in education reform.

Take a Course

Get up to speed on the Common Core State Standards or explore the world of digital learning. These bite-sized courses will walk you through each issue, step by step, as you work your way toward earning a badge. Then you’ll be ready to advocate on behalf of young people for policies and programs that can make a difference.

Sign Petitions & Pledges

Take action! Your voice matters and now you have more tools to make yourself heard. Connect with elected officials, contact the media, or share your favorite video on social media.

Achieve Status

Every action you take earns you points and gets you closer to the next level of an Action Academy diploma. Complete your profile for a more personalized learning experience and connect with like-minded education advocates.

Collect Badges

Are you a Super User? Giddy for global education? Show what you know! As you complete these courses, you’ll earn virtual badges that showcase your interests, efforts, and actions.

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