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Stats that Stick: March 7, 2012

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March 07, 2012 05:47 pm


Percent of teachers who are satisfied with their jobs: 44.

According to the “MetLife Survey of the American Teacher,” teachers’ job satisfaction has decreased by 15 points since the survey assessed the issue in 2009. Forty-four percent of teachers reported they were very satisfied, the lowest rate MetLife has seen in 20 years. The report is a long-running survey of educators, parents, and students.

Number of times an African-American student is likely to be suspended or expelled versus Whites: 3.5.

Although black students made up only 18 percent of those enrolled in the schools sampled, they accounted for 35 percent of those suspended once, 46 percent of those suspended more than once and 39 percent of all expulsions, according to the Civil Rights Data Collection’s 2009-10 statistics. The new report released by the U.S. Department of Education underscores prolonged racial disparities in discipline in schools across the country.

Percent of new principals who leave their positions within one or two years: 20.

According to the RAND Corporation, one-fifth of new principals leave within a year or two, and their schools continue on a downward academic slide. The study found that of the 519 principals studied, almost 12 percent left in the first year and nearly 11 percent left in the second year. Principals in schools that had met their adequate yearly progress achievement targets in the years prior to their placement were less likely to leave, as were principals placed in startup schools.

Percent of college professors who allow laptops in their classrooms: 83.

The survey conducted last fall by Faculty Focus, a website about teaching, also found that 58% of those professor said they found students using Facebook when not authorized to. Also reflecting the varying dynamics of technology and social media based learning, a Pearson study found that nearly two-thirds of professor reported using at least one social media site in their class, but 53% said Facebook and 46% said Twitter add “negative” value.


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