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The National Picture

Reading Proficiency

Students need strong literacy skills to succeed in today’s knowledge-based economy, yet very few eighth-grade students read at a proficient level.

National Average
High School Graduation Rate

A high school diploma is the ticket to the higher education that today’s good jobs demand, but not enough of today’s high school students are earning one.

National Average
College Readiness Rate

Very few high school graduates enter college with the knowledge and skills necessary to succeed. As a result, they frequently must take remedial courses, costing them time and money that could be better used in pursuit of a degree.

National Average
Four-Year College Graduation Rate

Students who finish postsecondary education reap economic benefits for themselves and their communities, but far more students enter college compared to those who actually leave with a degree.

National Average

Sixty percent of today’s jobs require some form of education after high school, but, as this indicator shows, few twenty-five to thirty-four year-olds have an associate’s degree or higher.

National Average

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