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At All4Ed, we are committed to expanding equitable educational opportunities for students of color, students from low-income families, and other marginalized groups. Search our publications, podcasts, videos, webinars, and other tools to learn more about the policies and practices we promote to ensure all students graduate from high school prepared for college, work, and life. 

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A free library of photos celebrating students—and the educators who teach them—in seven schools across the United States.
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February 27, 2023

Publication | Accountability and Support, College and Career Pathways, Data, Every Student Succeeds Act, High Schools

Undermeasuring: College and Career Readiness Indicators May Not Reflect College and Career Outcomes

A 50-state analysis of how well states’ college and career readiness measures reflect high school completers’ preparedness for postsecondary opportunities.
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January 24, 2023

Publication | Every Student Succeeds Act, Federal Education Budget, Funding Equity

Understanding and Improving Title I of ESEA

The research is clear: funding matters. All4Ed explains Title I and exploreshow funds can be better targeted to districts with the highest concentrations of students living in poverty.
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blog | Budget and Resources, Congress, Federal Education Budget

by Ally McCraw
August 10, 2023

El viernes, 30 de junio, la Corte Suprema terminó su sesión con sus últimos casos. Dos de los casos abordaron desafíos al plan de alivio de la deuda de préstamos estudiantiles del presidente Biden. El primer caso involucró a dos personas que demandaron porque sus préstamos no calificaban para la condonación de préstamos. El alto […]

blog | Budget and Resources, Congress, Federal Education Budget, Funding Equity

by Ally McCraw
August 4, 2023

House Republicans on the Appropriations Committee advanced a major domestic spending bill, which would cut education spending by 28% and, in their view, “Reins in wasteful bureaucracy and enhances oversight and accountability.” Let’s dive into some of the details. Within this 28% overall cut to the Department of Education is an 80% cut to Title […]

blog | Budget and Resources, Congress, Data, Federal Communications Commission, Federal Education Budget

by Ally McCraw
August 1, 2023

Federal Communications Commission Chairwoman Jessica Rosenworcel proposed $200 million to strengthen cybersecurity and protect school networks. Funding would be available over three years through a pilot program within the Universal Service Fund, but separate from the E-rate program, which currently funds internet connections within schools and libraries. This new investment would help school districts address […]

blog | Budget and Resources, Congress, Federal Education Budget

by Ally McCraw
July 5, 2023

On Friday, June 30th, the Supreme Court (SCOTUS) ended their session with their last cases. Two of the cases addressed challenges to President Biden’s student loan debt relief plan.  The first case involved two individuals that sued because their loans did not qualify for loan forgiveness. The high court dismissed this case because it “lacked […]

blog | Budget and Resources, Congress, Federal Education Budget

by Ally McCraw
June 27, 2023

For many weeks, the nation anxiously awaited as we neared the debt ceiling limit. After weeks of tense negotiations, President Biden and House Speaker Kevin McCarthy came to an agreement on May 28th to prevent the nation from defaulting on its debt payments, which passed with begrudging bipartisan support.  Rather than raising the debt limit, […]

publication | Career and Technical Education, College and Career Pathways, Congress, Federal Education Budget, US Department of Education

Join All4Ed in advocating for continued investments in the Emergency Connectivity Fund to close the homework gap.

publication | Congress, Federal Education Budget

All4Ed and civil rights, education, and immigration organizations’ urge leaders in Congress to prioritize educational equity in its FY2024 spending.

video | College and Career Pathways, Federal Education Budget, High Schools, US Department of Education

The Biden administration proposed $10.8 billion in new investments for the US Department of Education, a 13.6% increase from last year’s enacted level.

press_release | Federal Education Budget, US Department of Education

“We applaud President Biden for his continued commitment to supporting our nation’s children, families, and educators with proposed funding increases targeted at our country’s most historically marginalized students, including students from low-income families, students with disabilities, students learning English, and students experiencing homelessness. We are particularly pleased the budget proposal increases funding for the Title I program, which we highlighted in our report earlier this year, “Understanding and Improving Title I”.

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