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Proposed WV Plan Could Affect School Accountability for Minority Groups

August 05, 2017
Source: Charleston Gazette-Mail

“Some states have a lower n-size for reporting than they do for accountability,” said Phillip Lovell, vice president of policy development and government relations for the Alliance for Excellent...

Delaware Voices: To Improve Schools, Cut out Bureaucracy

August 03, 2017
Source: Delaware Online

In recent years, organizations such as the National Assessment for Educational Progress, the Alliance for Excellent Education and the College Board have routinely rated Delaware’s students at less...

Who Gets Hurt When High School Diplomas Are Not Created Equal?

August 01, 2017
Source: Education Week

One of the uncomfortable truths of the high school graduation business is that not all diplomas are created equal. Some are strong, and signify that students are well prepared for good jobs or...

Rethinking High School: What Do Students Need?

July 31, 2017
Source: The Educated Reporter

Students at the MC2 STEM High School in Cleveland don’t sit through lectures all day. They learn through projects, like designing and building above-ground gardens, calculating the powers of a...

California Proposes Minimal Sanctions for Low Participation in State Tests

July 20, 2017
Source: EdSource

In passing a new school accountability law — the Every Student Succeeds Act — Congress gave states more latitude to decide how to use federal education funding, particularly in improving schools...

House Lawmakers Cast a Critical Eye on ESSA Oversight

July 18, 2017
Source: Education Week

At a House education committee hearing, which DeVos didn’t attend, lawmakers from both sides of the aisle Tuesday expressed concern about the consistency of feedback from the U.S. Department of...

‘I don’t know how to lead for equity; that was not part of my program’

June 30, 2017
Source: Education Dive

Equity took center stage in the day two conversations at the Education Commission of the States National Forum on Education Policy Thursday. One resonant statement reflected how principal preparation...

How State ESSA Accountability Plans can Shine a Statistically Sound Light on More Students

June 29, 2017
Source: Brookings

Equity-oriented groups that want as many students from disadvantaged groups as possible included in the accountability system, including the Alliance for Excellent Education and the Education Trust,...

Guest Column: Step Aside Naysayers; Louisiana School Reforms Winning National Praise

June 27, 2017
Source: The Advocate

In just the last few days two different, well-respected and independent national organizations did something that doesn’t usually receive a lot of publicity. They offered strong praise for...

Group Looks to Measure How Well States’ ESSA Plans Will Serve Disadvantaged Students

June 26, 2017
Source: Education Dive

The Alliance for Excellent Education, an advocacy group that focuses on college and career readiness and low-income students, has looked at Every Student Succeeds Act plan in Louisiana, Colorado,...

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