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Bills to raise dropout age stall

March 12, 2007
Source: Kentucky Post

…students who quit school in 2004, for instance, will likely cost Kentucky more than $4.8 billion over the course of their lives in lost wages, uncollected taxes and productivity. The estimates...

‘English language learners’ succeed in St. Paul, Minn.

December 21, 2006
Source: Christian Science Monitor

Nationwide, 5.4 million K-12 students speak limited English….Only 4 percent of eighth-grade ELLs scored at or above “proficient” in reading, compared with 32 percent of...

Better health, better education go hand in hand

December 12, 2006
Source: The Times and Democrat (SC)

Aware that health care costs are highest for the least educated, the Alliance for Excellent Education calculated state savings by combining the lifetime costs of Medicaid and expenditures for...

Battle begins to cut dropouts

October 03, 2006
Source: Delaware State News

Dropouts are more than three times more likely than graduates to be arrested during their lifetimes, the Alliance for Excellent Education said.

Are schools failing, or do students fail themselves?

August 30, 2006
Source: Kearney Hub (NE)

The Alliance for Excellent Education this week bemoaned pre-collegiate coursework, saying more vigorous teaching in high school might eliminate the necessity for remedial education in community...

Why Johnny (Still) Can’t Read: Schools Meet the Challenge of Producing Teen Readers

February 01, 2006
Source: Edutopia

Even as books take a back seat to technology, reading is more important than ever in an increasingly complicated, information-rich world … esearchers already have determined some scientifically...

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