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Tafakari: A Summer Teaching in Tanzania & Kenya (with Andrea Trudeau)


In this episode, Andrea Trudeau (@Andrea_Trudeau) shares highlights from her trip to East Africa where she spent five weeks immersed in the culture while teaching secondary students at three schools in rural Tanzania and Kenya. This trip was made possible due to a Fulbright-Hays grant secured by three professors as part of the Educate Global program at Northern Illinois University and had a profound impact on Andrea both personally and professionally. She continues to find ways to connect with the students and staff she worked with there while also sharing her experiences with those around her back here in the United States.

If anyone wants to explore the slide deck Andrea shared with her 8th grade students, you can view it here: Tafakari: A Summer Teaching in Tanzania & Kenya

You can also listen to Andrea’s Educate Global reflection she recorded just a week after her trip HERE

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