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Advisory Groups

Nettie Legters

Johns Hopkins University Center for Social Organization of Schools, Research Scientist; Codirector of the Center's Talent Development High Schools (TDHS) program

Nettie Legters, PhD is a Research Scientist at the Johns Hopkins University Center for Social Organization of Schools, and Co-Director of the Center’s Talent Development High Schools (TDHS) program.

Her research focuses on equity in education, school organization, teachers’ work, dropout prevention, and implementation, scale-up, and impact of secondary education reform. Dr. Legters has dedicated her professional career to improving low performing high schools and advancing the national high school reform movement. She has published extensively and presented to a wide variety of audiences in national, state, regional, and district forums. She co-authored with Robert Balfanz the widely cited report Locating the Dropout Crisis – Which High Schools Produce the Nation’s Dropouts?, Where Are They Located?, Who Attends Them? and her book, Comprehensive Reform for Urban High Schools: A Talent Development Approach is available through Teachers College Press.

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