Everyone at the Alliance has one goal,
to make every child a graduate.
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Monica Almond

Senior Associate for Policy Development and Government Relations

Monica Almond, PhD, joined the Alliance in April 2013 and leads the Alliance’s work on career and technical education, career pathways, and diploma pathways. Dr. Almond manages the policy development of the Alliance’s Linked Learning portfolio, a California-based career pathways initiative, and highlights other evidence- and research-based career pathway initiatives across the country, in addition to working on Perkins reauthorization. Dr. Almond also leads the Alliance’s work on the equitable distribution of state diploma pathways.

Prior to joining the Alliance, Dr. Almond worked in higher education for six years and as an independent educational consultant guiding families through the process of college and career selection.

Dr. Almond graduated from Howard University (DC) with a bachelor’s degree in journalism. She went on to earn her master’s and doctoral degrees in education policy, evaluation, and reform from Claremont Graduate University (CA).

Monica Almond is the author of:

Every Child a Graduate. Every Child Prepared for Life.