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Jenna Douglas

Policy and Advocacy Intern

Ms. Douglas hails from a suburb in New Jersey where she attended high school and spent two years at her local community college. She is a first-generation college student and a recent graduate of Georgetown University, where she received a bachelor of arts degree in psychology and completed a significant amount of course work in the field of justice and peace studies.

Ms. Douglas credits her time at Georgetown for deepening her passion for education and justice. As a tutor for the After School Kids Program through Georgetown’s Center for Social Justice, Ms. Douglas engaged with students who were involved in the District of Columbia court system and witnessed first-hand the challenges that marginalized communities face in accessing high-quality education. Her experience as a mentor led her to continue cultivating her research interests as an assistant on the Georgetown Community Research Group’s juvenile justice project. Similarly, Ms. Douglas worked with a team of other Georgetown students to support Advocates for Justice and Education, Inc. on locating successful postsecondary transition programs across the nation for students with disabilities with the goal of improving current transition programs in the District of Columbia.

Ms. Douglas’s time at Georgetown culminated with the completion of her senior thesis where she applied her interests and experiences researching social issues pertinent to the District of Columbia community. Interviewing parents with incarcerated children, Ms. Douglas explored challenges that parents face with the education and juvenile justice system and the obstacles parents face in advocating for resources for their children. Ms. Douglas is a fervent believer in the power that education holds to transform the lives of students and plans to build a career with the mission of closing the achievement gap and pursing social justice to make the nation a more equitable place for all.

Jenna Douglas is the author of:

Every Child a Graduate. Every Child Prepared for Life.