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Advisory Groups

Charity Fleming Smith

Arkansas Department of Education, Assistant Commissioner

Charity Smith is the assistant commissioner for the Arkansas Department of Education. In this capacity, she helps to ensure that all school districts in Arkansas are held accountable for improving student achievement. During her tenure, Arkansas has received national recognition in a number of areas, including rigorous academic standards, accountability, reporting, teacher quality, and consistent academic improvement.

Smith leads the Division of Public School Academic Accountability, which Education Week rated as one of the highest-performing state offices of academic accountability in the nation. She is a Rockefeller Distinguished Lecturer, the director of the Arkansas Legislative Black Caucus Think Tank, and founder of the Accelerated Academic Achievement Academy. Smith also co-hosted the event for the national unveiling of statues of the Little Rock Nine at the Arkansas State Capitol.

A nationally requested consultant and presenter, her recent work includes Setting of Standards for the Arkansas Accountability Rating System (2007), and contributing authorship on Current Developments in K-12 Education: Near and Longer Term Trends (2007).

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