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Advisory Groups

Adria Steinberg

Jobs for the Future, Associate Vice President

Adria Steinberg is the associate vice president of Jobs for the Future (JFF), a nonprofit organization that promotes innovative reform in education and workforce development. She has almost four decades of experience in the field of education—as a teacher, administrator, researcher, and writer. Combining knowledge of practice, policy, and research, her articles and books have made her a key contributor to the national conversation about high school reform.

Steinberg leads JFF’s work with the City of Boston’s High School Renewal initiative, a collaboration between JFF and three other organizations, as well as Boston Public Schools, to address the dropout crisis.

Steinberg has authored many publications, serving as primary writer/editor of the Harvard Education Letter for five years. Steinberg was also the academic coordinator of the Rindge School of Technical Arts in Cambridge, Massachusetts, where she co-directed the federally funded Vocational Integration with Academics project.

She graduated with honors from Swarthmore College and earned her MEd from Boston University.

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