Everyone at the Alliance has one goal,
to make every child a graduate.
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Abner Oakes

Director of Outreach and Strategic Partnerships for Policy to Practice

Abner Oakes joined the Alliance in February 2016 as director of outreach and strategic partnerships for the standards, assessments, and deeper learning team. Most recently, he was director of school and district partnerships at JumpRope, an education technology company that works with schools and districts in the areas of standards-based grading and mastery learning.

Mr. Oakes has had a long career in the education field. He taught middle and high students for fifteen years, was on the start up team of the Cesar Chavez Public Charter High School for Public Policy in the District of Columbia, and has worked for various organizations and as a consultant on standards-based school improvement since 1997. He received his BA degree from Dartmouth College and his MA degree from Middlebury College.

Abner Oakes is the author of:

Every Child a Graduate. Every Child Prepared for Life.