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Paper Thin Report Sample Tweets and Social Graphics

Download “Paper Thin,” @all4ed’s new report uncovering gaps in access to college- & career-ready diplomas at all4ed.org/DiplomaPathways/

The HS grad rate is soaring, but are graduates truly prepared for college/career? @all4ed’s new report takes a look: all4ed.org/DiplomaPathways/

Not all diplomas are created equal. @all4ed’s state-by-state analysis of different diploma types all4ed.org/DiplomaPathways/ #UnequalDiplomas

Not all diplomas prepare students for college & career. Why this matters for underserved students: all4ed.org/DiplomaPathways/ #UnequalDiplomas

100 different HS diplomas awarded in US, but less than half prepare students for college/career. More from @all4ed: all4ed.org/diplomapathways/



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First Finding:
HS grad rate is higher than ever, but students earning college- & career-ready diplomas is lower. all4ed.org/diplomapathways/ #UnequalDiplomas

Finding 1Diploma-Pathways



Second Finding:
Underserved students less likely to graduate w/ college- & career-ready diplomas than their peers. all4ed.org/diplomapathways/ #UnequalDiplomas

Finding 2Diploma-Pathways



Third Finding:
States w/ college- & career-ready diplomas as main grad pathway had smaller gaps between subgroups. all4ed.org/diplomapathways/ #UnequalDiplomas

Finding 3Diploma-Pathways



Fourth Finding:
Among racial/ethnic groups, #CCR gaps were largest for African American students in most states. all4ed.org/diplomapathways/ #UnequalDiplomas

Finding 4Diploma-Pathways



Fifth Finding:
Most states have large college & career readiness gaps b/w students w/ disabilities & those w/out. all4ed.org/diplomapathways/ #UnequalDiplomas

Finding 5Diploma-Pathways



Less Than 10% Graphic:
When students are automatically put in a #CCR diploma pathway, gaps between subgroups are smaller. all4ed.org/DiplomaPathways/ #UnequalDiplomas

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35 States Graphic:
Did you know? 35 states allowed students to graduate from HS without meeting all requirements. all4ed.org/DiplomaPathways/ #UnequalDiplomas




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