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Deeper Learning Toolkits

Helping Education Leaders Create Learning Conditions that Boost College & Career Readiness for Every Student

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High schools are uniquely positioned to create the society of next-generation leaders that the country needs. Through policy and practice, educators can create learning environments that promote deeper learning outcomes and produce long-lasting positive impacts on students’ future opportunities. Deeper learning is a set of skills that students need to succeed in and out of the classroom, including how to apply content knowledge; think and communicate clearly; work collaboratively; learn independently; and develop positive mindsets. These toolkits support state and district leaders as they explore whether to launch a deeper learning initiative; strengthen or expand existing deeper learning practices; and commit the financial resources, political support, and expertise necessary to ensure success. They are not designed to guide the implementation of deeper learning at the classroom level and do not provide “how to” resources or specific instructional strategies that teachers use in their classrooms.

Each toolkit contains conversation starters that state and district leaders, including principals and school leadership teams, can use to guide discussion and/or reflection on the information presented.

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Click on a section of the toolkit below to access tools that support state education and local education leaders, directors and coordinators, principals, school leadership teams, and others responsible for implementing policies, procedures and practices that support college and career readiness.

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Overview: Considering a Deeper Learning Approach

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Deepening Your Understanding of Deeper Learning

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Assessing Deeper Learning

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High School Deeper Learning Opportunities

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Infrastructure Support

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