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Deeper Learning Digest: Creating Pathways to Careers

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October 03, 2019 03:34 pm


Apprenticeships are a great way to show students how their learning connects to the world around them and potential options for future careers.

Today’s digest explores a new apprenticeship program in Kentucky, how a green screen can transform a classroom, ways to expand opportunities for 21st century learning, and how to build an education “escape room.”

Apprenticeship Program Prepares Kentucky Students

A new program is giving students in Pike County, Kentucky the chance to get hands-on learning experiences beyond the classroom while simultaneously preparing them to enter the workforce. The Kentucky Advanced Technical College High (K-TECH) program is a college-high school apprenticeship program in partnership with the local community and technical college, the school system, and a neighboring medical center.

As part of the program, students “will have the opportunity to meet potential employers, take dual credit course work, receive soft skills training and participate in paid apprenticeships,” reports WSAZ News.

“What we are doing is giving young people an opportunity to see there is a pathway and see there is opportunity to take care of themselves, their families and have a great career,” said Derrick Ramsey, secretary of education and workforce development for the Commonwealth of Kentucky.

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Learning with a Green Screen

Photo by Deb Jacques

When middle school teacher Ninoska Wiltse attended a training session for how to integrate green screen technology into the classroom, she didn’t realize she would walk away with the power to change the learning experience for her students.

“It’s an open-ended technology that allows it to be used across the curriculum,” said Laura Cummings, director of the Regional Educational Media Center Association of Michigan for Oakland Schools, the group that organized the training session. “It encourages students to write, edit, perform and be creative.”

Wiltse didn’t try to force the technology into her lesson plans, according to C&G News. Instead, she explored opportunities where the green screen could enhance a lesson or learning opportunity. She landed on a project where students gave presentations in their native language with photos or videos of significant places from their home country displaying on the screen.

The students are loving it. “They are much more engaged. They are motivated. They see the relevance of the skills that we’re doing without necessarily highlighting the skills,” explained Wiltse to C&G News. “They see why it’s important to redo without me even suggesting it. They see the need for making sure it’s quality work, and I think in that sense, as we begin to incorporate those things, the students will be more empowered and more involved in their own education and the quality of product they want to produce.”

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Celebration of Technology and Teaching

Speaking of technology that enhances students’ learning experiences, the ninth annual Digital Learning Day is right around the corner! On February 27, 2020, thousands of teachers and students across the country will showcase how education technology paired with great teaching is improving learning outcomes. See how you can get involved via the link below.

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Expanding Access to 21st Century Learning

We’ve been in the 21st Century for nearly two decades. What does 21st Century learning look like and how can educators and school leaders expand access to 21st century learning opportunities that prepare young people to thrive? Tom Vander Ark, CEO of Getting Smart, offers four ways: more projects, more leadership, more work-based learning, and more guidance.

There are policy solutions as well, writes Vander Ark in Forbes, and these focus on how students are assessed for progress, how learning experiences are structured, and school models.

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What’s an Education Escape Room?

You may have heard about the popular experience of an escape room, where you and your friends (or colleagues) gather in a themed room and have one hour to complete a mission and “escape” the room, but what do they have to do with education?

According to this tool from the K12 Lab at Standford’s, you can design a low-cost escape room in your classroom and use it to measure your students’ collaboration skills.

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Deeper Learning in Action

Twitter can be a great place to see what’s happening to promote deeper learning outcomes in (and out!) of classrooms across the country. Here are a few examples. Be sure to follow @DeeperLearning and check out #DeeperLearning for more!

The ‘Deeper Learning Digest’ is a bi-weekly roundup of articles, blog posts, and other content around deeper learning. Be sure to follow @deeperlearning on Twitter, @deeper.learning on Instagram, and like Deeper Learning on Facebook to stay up to date on all deeper learning news.

Featured Photo By Allison Shelley/The Verbatim Agency for American Education: Images of Teachers and Students in Action.

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