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Daily Dish: Artificial Intelligence in Education

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March 18, 2016 02:54 pm


NPRed reporter Anya Kamenetz explores what artificial intelligence (AI) could mean for education, diving into the potential benefits of “computer systems that ‘learn.’”

Kamenetz cites new research published by Pearson arguing that there is a role for AI in education. The report authors contend that artificial intelligence in education (AIEd) could create more personalized, flexible, inclusive, and engaging learning, providing better feedback for teachers and students. They also see a role for AIEd in strengthening the bridge between employers’ needs and student learning to better align student skills and knowledge with workforce demands. “It can provide teachers and learners with the tools that allow us to respond not only to what is being learnt, but also to how it is being learnt, and how the student feels,” they write.

The development and use of AIEd tools should take place alongside teachers the report notes, explaining, “Teachers—alongside learners and parents—should be central to the design of AIEd tools, and the ways that they are used.” However, the report also notes that AI could be used to solve teacher shortages. Kamenetz describes one example of a more “stand-alone” AIEd tool called a “lifelong learning companion.” The companion would “accompany students—asking questions, providing encouragement, offering suggestions and connections to resources …. Over time, the companion would ‘learn’ what you know, what interests you, and what kind of learner you are,” Kamenetz writes.

The report authors seem to see AIEd tools mainly taking on the role of support for teachers as they seek to better student outcomes. “Drawing on the power of both human and artificial intelligence, we will lessen achievement gaps, address teacher retention and development, and equip parents to better support their children’s (and their own) learning,” the report says. Check it out: Intelligence Unleashed: An Argument for AI in Education.

Speaking of education technology and teacher support, Tom Murray, Director of Innovation for the Alliance’s Future Ready Schools initiative, is participating in the CUE 2016 National Conference, and will discuss training and professional development strategies for teachers to better execute ed-tech in K–12 classrooms. Education Dive provides some insight into the issue and more details on the panel. Learn more:



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