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Common Core and Equity



Common Core and Equity

As part of its work on the implementation of the Common Core State Standards and equity, the Alliance for Excellent Education has created a series of videos, linked in the table below, highlighting how five states—California, Colorado, Kentucky, Maryland, and Ohio—are implementing the Common Core State Standards and serving significant percentages of low income students or students of color.The videos, which are based on interviews that the Alliance conducted with teachers and school, district, and state education leaders, are meant to serve as a valuable resource for other schools, districts, and states implementing the Common Core.

During an Alliance webinar on January 21, the educators who are featured in these videos shared lessons they have learned as they implement the Common Core and the ways in which they are providing all students, especially those who struggle, with preparation for life after high school. Archived video from the webinar is available “on demand” at https://all4ed.org/webinar-event/jan-21-2015/. To learn more, watch the full video below.

“The Alliance selected these states, districts, and schools because they are improving their high school graduation rates and making progress in closing achievement gaps—particularly among students of color and low-income students.”

“In other words, they are seeing success with students who are often considered the most challenging to educate. Their experiences are proof that all students can learn, achieve higher standards, and be successful given the right supports, including effective and supportive educators and administrators.”

~ Bob Wise, President of The Alliance for Excellent Education

Every Child a Graduate. Every Child Prepared for Life.