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Afternoon Announcements: US Adults Below Global Average in Literacy, Math, Computer Skills

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October 08, 2013 04:24 pm


A first-ever comparison of adults in the United States and those in other democracies found that Americans were below average when it comes to skills needed to compete in the global economy. The survey, released Tuesday, measured the literacy, math and computer skills of about 5,000 U.S. adults between ages 16 and 65, and compared them with similar samples of adults from 21 countries in the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OEDC).  The Washington Post

Politicians, academics and students alike have all criticized the ballooning cost of college and its contribution to the existing mountain of outstanding student loan debt. But students also suffer from a lack of financial literacy that leaves them unable to navigate the complex maze of financial aid applications and loan options, further adding to their money troubles even after they leave school. US News & World Report

Every year, 30,000 high school students around the world leave home to study abroad. Amanda Ripley, a journalist, followed three – to Finland, South Korea, and Poland – for a year in an attempt to determine why other countries consistently outperform the United States in reading, math, and science. What she found informed her first book on education and included much of what we already know: Teacher quality and preparation standards are higher in foreign countries, student assessments more rigorous. YEP

The GED certificate has offered a promise of a better life, a path from poverty into college or a more promising career. Next year, though, the GED test will get much harder, and adult educators are worried that they—and their students—aren’t ready for the changes. The Atlantic

A group of past winners of the teacher of the year award have come out in support of the new Common Core education standards, and the state says it is asking for a federal testing waiver for the new system. Billings Gazette


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