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Afternoon announcements: October 17, 2012

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October 17, 2012 06:57 pm


Picture this: it’s last night, and the TV is tuned to the live presidential debate, and yet I’m following it on twitter on my phone. Does anyone else do that? I would miss a line, distracted reading the newest memes coming out of the debate and then go back and catch up on what was actually said. Welcome to the 21st century, alright! And with that, here’s your #ednews roundup.

Obama brought up education… while answering a question on gun violence. He referenced Common Core State Standards, though not by name, saying they are “starting to succeed.” Huffington Post

The first question of the debate pertained to education as well: “How can you assure that I’ll be able to support myself after I graduate?” Short of faking your death Tom Sawyer style to escape your loans, I assume the questioner meant. Romney & Obama linked the education back to the economy, stressing that a stronger economy will lead to more jobs. Education Week

Moving away from the debate, fifth-graders in Pennsylvania are being taught above their grade level. The Pittsburgh Concord K-5 school is teaching both 5th and 6th grade math to their students to prepare for the changes that will come with Common Core implementation. Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Earlier this week, we shared a feature on Jeb Bush with you from New York Magazine. It seems Mr. Bush wasn’t too happy about some of what was said. He writes a letter back to NY Mag disputing some of their claims. New York Magazine


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