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Afternoon Announcements: June 8, 2012

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June 08, 2012 05:47 pm


Happy Friday! Time for your afternoon announcements. Just a couple of these and then you’re home-free for the weekend!

First, a study from Georgetown University’s Dr. Anthony Carnevale examines certificate programs as a way to increase credentials toward more income. The Huffington Post reports that, “Getting a certificate in the right field can make you better off than many college graduates. Men with certificates who work in computer and information services earn $72,498 per year on average, according to the study: more than the earnings of 54 percent of all male college graduates.”

Next up, a bill in the Michigan legislature would allow parents and teachers to petition to have a failing school converted to a charter school. This kind of policy is gaining support across the country, though the future of this specific bill is uncertain in the Michigan House. The Detroit Free Press has the details.

NPR has an article today about computers grading writing tests. The headline says it all: “Computers Grade Essays Fast … But Not Always Well.” The technology to grade writing tests is still very much in development, but perfecting it may be a while.

Finally, the Associated Press via the The Huffington Post has a story that is a good reminder to high school dropouts everywhere: it’s never too late to go back and graduate. 97 year old Ann Colagiovanni dropped out of high school during the Great Depression, but this week she finally got her high school diploma from Shaker Heights High School in suburban Cleveland, Ohio.


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