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Afternoon Announcements: December 8, 2011

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December 08, 2011 10:20 pm


It’s more like evening announcements since more than likely you’re bolting for the door to get home or sitting in traffic attempting to get there but here are the “afternoon” announcements. The Alliance for Excellent Education brings you the latest in education news for the day.

In a reoccurring theme of the adverse effect dropping out of high school places on the American economy, the Associated Press details a new report released by a Chicago-based educational non-profit that indicates high school dropouts in the state of Illinois earn less during their lifetimes, cost government and the public more and are more likely to be incarcerated than those who graduate.

What better way to assess the effectiveness of state standardized tests than to take one for yourself? This is what went through the mind of a Florida school board member who sat down to take a version of the state’s math and reading exams. The Huffington Post reports that a lack of accountability among others things, shocked and disappointed the board member.

Forbes Magazine talks with the Alliance for Excellent Education and analyzes the benefits of online learning as the push for digital education grows strength. Forbes talks with Alliance President, Bob Wise, on Digital Learning Now!, a national campaign to advance policies to create a high quality digital learning environment for each student. To learning more about the Alliance’s Digital Learning Day, click here.

What do Bill Gates, Paul Allen, Michael Dell, and Steve Jobs all have in common? They’re college dropouts and according to an editorial by Huffington Post writers Michael Bastedo and Molly Ott, that’s nothing to celebrate. The writers researched CEOs and entrepreneurs and determine that the glorification of successful college dropouts is largely unjustified. Their findings indicate it really does pay to stay in school.



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