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STANDING ON THE SHOULDERS OF GIANTS: NCEE Report Outlines American Agenda for Education Reform Based on Highest-Performing Nations Article

May 31, 2011

After examining the policy agendas of the most successful countries, a new report from the Nation Center on Education and the Economy (NCEE) argues that the strategies driving the best-performing education systems in the world are rarely found in the United States.

BREAKING THE CYCLE: New Report from Michigan State University Finds that Middle School Math Teachers Are Receiving Weak Training Article

April 19, 2010

Middle school math teachers are unprepared to teach students at a level considered competitive internationally, according to a new report from the Teacher Education Study in Mathematics (TEDS-M), a project based out of Michigan State University.

ACHIEVING A WEALTH OF RICHES: New Alliance Brief Examines How Teachers Can Use Data to Transform Teaching and Learning Article

September 14, 2009

Too many teachers are "data rich but information poor," meaning that while student data is becoming more abundant, not enough teachers have access to training, support, and the structures needed to use data effectively.

MOVING BEYOND AYP: New Alliance Policy Brief Calls for More Sophisticated Indicators to Determine Why Schools are Low-Performing Article

July 13, 2009

A new policy brief from the Alliance for Excellent Education says the nation must move away from solely relying on test scores and graduation rates to evaluate high schools if it is to successfully stem the high school dropout crisis and prepare all students for college and careers.

STATE ACTIONS TO IMPROVE ADOLESCENT LITERACY: NASBE Report Says that Addressing the “Pervasive” Low Level of Adolescent Literacy Will Take a Concerted Statewide Policy and School Improvement Effort Article

June 01, 2009

A new report from the National Association of State Boards of Education (NASBE) argues that state education leaders are “painfully aware” of the low literacy levels among large numbers of adolescents, but these leaders have experienced difficulty framing an organized response to the crisis because states and districts generally lack systemic strategies for scaling up literacy instruction as part of subject-matter learning.

CONGRESS BEGINS BUDGET DEBATE: House and Senate Budget Plans Accommodate President Obama’s Education Proposals Article

April 06, 2009

Earlier this year, President Obama released a budget outline for fiscal year (FY) 2010 that contained few actual numbers but proposed new investments in education, including an expansion of early childhood education, a focus on rigorous standards and assessments that are aligned to the demands of the global economy, efforts to better prepare and reward effective teachers and principals, and more opportunities for students to go to college and graduate.

OBAMA OUTLINES EDUCATION AGENDA: President Calls for “World-Class Standards” and an End to the High School Dropout “Epidemic” Article

March 23, 2009

Saying that it was time to give all Americans a “complete and competitive education from cradle up through a career” and make America’s entire education system the “envy of the world,” President Barack Obama outlined a sweeping education reform agenda in a March 10 speech to the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce.

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