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Science of Adolescent Learning

Improving Educational Experiences for Diverse Learners: Valuing Culture While Combating Stress, Inequality, Bias, and Discrimination Webinar/Event

April 09, 2019

In this webinar, panelists explored how educators and school leaders can use a more comprehensive understanding of student learning environments to improve educational outcomes for diverse populations. Specifically, panelists discussed why culture and identity matter in adolescent education; how stress affects learning and development; how technology influences student learning and relationship building; and​ how school leaders and educators help combat the effects of inequality, bias, and discrimination​.

New All4Ed Report: How Students Learn as Important as What Students Learn Press Release

December 06, 2018

During adolescence, students confront a variety of issues as their bodies and brains undergo rapid transformations—more so than any other time outside of birth to early childhood. A new report released today from the Alliance for Excellent Education (All4Ed) underscores the importance of culture, experiences, and environments during this period of life and explains why adolescents need to learn in safe, supportive, and culturally responsive environments. The report, which includes recent findings from neuroscience, cognitive science, and psychological research, also examines how culture and multiple environmental factors—from community values and social expectations to poverty, prejudice, and inequity—influence classrooms, schools, and student learning.

Science of Adolescent Learning Report/Fact Sheet

March 01, 2018

With a deep understanding of adolescent learning and development research, education policymakers and practitioners can implement secondary school improvement strategies based on science, rather than traditions. In turn, this alignment of policies, practices, and research will ensure that more students graduate from high school with the knowledge, skills, and mindsets necessary for success in college, a career, citizenship, and life.

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