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A Whole-School Approach for Supporting English Language Learners Webinar/Event

March 24, 2020

This webinar also will feature personal accounts from educators in Loudoun County (VA) Public Schools. The educators will share how they work with content area teachers to support ELL students across the curriculum and how they leverage the latest research and coaching techniques to support teachers. The webinar guests will discuss the following questions: Why is ExC-ELL a multitiered model of professional development for the whole school? How do ESL and core-content teachers collaborate? How can administrators support a whole-school approach for ELL students? What does classroom instruction look like under a whole-school ELL model?

Dismantling the School-to-Prison Pipeline Webinar/Event

January 17, 2020

As a part of the Alliance for Excellent Education’s ongoing #OurHopeOurChallenge campaign to focus on the continuing needs of students—no matter their race, zip code, or background—sixty-five years after Brown, this webinar will examine the role of educators and community leaders in preventing students from entering the school-to-prison pipeline. Our expert panel of education and community leaders will discuss how influences both in and out of school can contribute to students being put on a trajectory to incarceration, as well as the policies and practices that can steer students back toward success, whether in schools, juvenile justice education facilities, or re-integration programs.

Building Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in Schools Webinar/Event

September 17, 2019

In this webinar, panelists shared their experiences as leaders committed to equity and tips to foster conversations about race and inclusion that break down walls and strengthen school communities. They shared promising practices for: culturally responsive educator training, professional learning to address implicit biases, recruiting and hiring faculty and staff of color, and supporting equitable changes at the school, district, and state levels. Panelists also responded to questions submitted by viewers from across the nation.


Improving Low College Persistence Among Students of Color Webinar/Event

August 15, 2019

As the Alliance for Excellent Education (All4Ed) continues the conversation on the legacy and impact of the landmark Brown vs. Board of Education case, this webinar examined why increasing retention and postsecondary graduation rates among students of color is so important for students and the nation as a whole. Our expert panel offered examples of strategies and programs that two- and four-year postsecondary institutions can adopt to better serve their students of color prior to and after their enrollment, ensuring that these students graduate and are prepared to succeed in today’s job market.

Falling Through the Cracks: Students Without High School Diplomas Webinar/Event

June 17, 2019

As the Alliance for Excellent Education (All4Ed) continues the conversation on the legacy and impact of the landmark Brown vs. Board of Education case, this webinar shines a spotlight on the work still remaining and offer solutions to schools, districts, states, and federal policymakers on how they can advocate for students who are furthest from opportunity.

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