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Innovate! Every Classroom, Every Day with Digital Learning Webinar/Event

February 03, 2020

On Digital Learning Day 2020, states, districts, and schools will show how innovation occurs in every classroom, every day, through the effective use of technology. To kick off this year’s celebration, we will take a behind the scenes look inside schools from around the county to show how educators are shifting their mindsets, leveraging technology as a tool for learning, and being empowered to reframe learning experiences each day. Our hosts, Brianna Hodges, Adam Phyall, and Tom Murray will share and discuss the many success stories from schools and districts across the country. They will highlight innovative programs such as a statewide network that provides internet access for each student, effective one-to-one implementation, and examples of how schools break down barriers to ensure that each student has access to opportunities.

Digital Learning Day

EducationSuperHighway and the Alliance for Excellent Education Partner to Highlight How Digital Learning is Transforming America’s Classrooms Press Release

November 25, 2019

EducationSuperHighway and the Alliance for Excellent Education (All4Ed) announced a partnership to promote the ninth annual Digital Learning Day (DLDay). The partnership will launch with a campaign that showcases short stories – one for each state – about schools removing barriers, saving time, and improving outcomes for students by embracing digital learning.

Digital Learning Day

How School and District Leaders Can Create the Conditions for Innovation and Change Webinar/Event

February 28, 2019

In this webinar veteran Principal and Future Ready Advisor, Jimmy Casas, discussed how school leaders create cultures of innovation in their schools. It’s no secret that school and district leadership set the tone for such transformation, but building trust, modeling the way, and creating a culture of excellence remain vital for the change process to happen and be sustainable over time. Future Ready Schools’ Director of Innovation, Thomas C. Murray, moderated the event and drew upon his experience as a former principal and district level leader. Additionally, he shared what’s been happening around the nation through the work of Future Ready Schools.

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