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DEVELOPING ASSESSMENTS OF DEEPER LEARNING: New Report Examines Costs of Current Students Tests, Calls for Exams More Closely Aligned with College and a Career Article

April 08, 2013

School districts and states must find affordable and feasible ways to improve student assessments so that they measure high-level skills and knowledge, a new report from the Stanford Center for Opportunity Policy in Education finds.

EDUCATION FOR LIFE AND WORK: National Research Council Report Says “Deeper Learning” Is “Essential” for Success in Twenty-First Century Article

July 23, 2012

A new report from the National Research Council (NRC) finds that the educational approach known as “deeper learning”—deep content knowledge and the ability to use that knowledge to think critically, solve problems, communicate effectively, and be self-reflective about learning—is “essential” for the development of twenty-first-century competencies that individuals need to succeed throughout their educational career and adult lives.

Deeper Learning

INCLUSION OF “DEEPER LEARNING” COMPETENCIES VARIES IN STATE WAIVER APPLICATIONS, NEW ALLIANCE REPORT FINDS: Report Argues That Students Need Deeper Learning Skills to Graduate from High School Ready for College and a Career Article

May 14, 2012

State applications for waivers under the No Child Left Behind (NCLB) Act vary in the degree to which “deeper learning” skills are reflected in the standards, accountability systems, professional development, and teacher evaluations proposed by states, according to a new report from the Alliance for Excellent Education.

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