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HELPING STUDENTS NAVIGATE THE PATH TO COLLEGE: New Report From the What Works Clearinghouse Examines What High Schools Can Do to Boost College Enrollment Article

September 28, 2009

In August, ACT announced that only 23 percent of high school graduates from the Class of 2009 were ready to earn at least a "C" or higher in first-year college courses based on their scores in the four subject areas that ACT tests (English, math, reading, and science).

ACHIEVING A WEALTH OF RICHES: New Alliance Brief Examines How Teachers Can Use Data to Transform Teaching and Learning Article

September 14, 2009

Too many teachers are "data rich but information poor," meaning that while student data is becoming more abundant, not enough teachers have access to training, support, and the structures needed to use data effectively.

THE OPPORTUNITY EQUATION: In Effort to Raise Math and Science Levels of American Students, Report Says that the Nation Must “Do School Differently” Article

June 29, 2009

A new report from Carnegie Corporation of New York’s Institute for Advanced Study Commission on Mathematics and Science Education argues that the United States must “mobilize for excellence” in mathematics and science education so that all students achieve much higher levels of math and science learning.

THE SECOND DERIVATIVE: Student Math Proficiency in States and Districts Fails to Measure up to Global Benchmark Article

June 29, 2009

According to a recent report from the American Institutes for Research (AIR), the math performance of American students in almost every state and city is ranked “average” at best and pales in comparison to student performance in several Asian countries including Taiwan, South Korea, Singapore, Hong Kong SAR, and Japan.

STATE ACTIONS TO IMPROVE ADOLESCENT LITERACY: NASBE Report Says that Addressing the “Pervasive” Low Level of Adolescent Literacy Will Take a Concerted Statewide Policy and School Improvement Effort Article

June 01, 2009

A new report from the National Association of State Boards of Education (NASBE) argues that state education leaders are “painfully aware” of the low literacy levels among large numbers of adolescents, but these leaders have experienced difficulty framing an organized response to the crisis because states and districts generally lack systemic strategies for scaling up literacy instruction as part of subject-matter learning.

STRENGTHENING AMERICA’S COMPETITIVENESS THROUGH COMMON ACADEMIC STANDARDS: House Committee Looks for Ways to Support State-Led Efforts to Produce Common Standards Article

May 04, 2009

Last week, witnesses appearing before the House Education and Labor Committee described an effort underway in states to develop common academic standards that would prepare all students to compete in today’s global economy.

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