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Every Student Succeeds Act Primer: Deeper Learning Report/Fact Sheet

April 26, 2016

The Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) of 2015 offers a number of opportunities for states and districts to advance deeper learning and ensure that all students graduate from high school with the ability to think critically, solve complex problems, collaborate with peers, communicate effectively, and be self-directed. Deeper learning is the delivery of challenging academic standards to students in innovative ways that allow them to learn, and then apply what they have learned. True deeper learning is developing competencies that enable students to graduate from high school ready for college and a career and then make maximum use of their knowledge in life and work.

Recommendations for the Reauthorization of the Carl D. Perkins Career and Technical Education Act of 2006 Report/Fact Sheet

October 29, 2015

These recommendations from the Alliance for Excellent Education, ConnectEd, the Linked Learning Alliance, and NAF on the reauthorization of the Carl D. Perkins Career and Technical Education Act focus on strengthening integration of career and technical education and rigorous academics; aligning Perkins with the Elementary and Secondary Education Act and the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act; strengthening partnerships with business and institutes of higher education; and strengthening career pathways.

Expanding Education and Workforce Opportunities Through Digital Badges Report/Fact Sheet

August 28, 2013

Digital badges offer students the opportunity to pave their own learning pathways and allow employers to verify necessary workforce skills. This report from the Alliance for Excellent Education and the Mozilla Foundation defines digital badges as “credentials that represent skills, interests, and achievements earned by an individual through specific projects, programs, courses, or other activities.” The report explores digital badges and how they can be used to improve student learning and outcomes, as well as expand vocational and interest-based skills for learners of all age.

Quakertown Community School District: A Systematic Approach to Blended Learning That Focuses on District Leadership, Staffing, and Cost-effectiveness Report/Fact Sheet

April 23, 2013

This interactive video profile provides readers with a real-life, practical story about how district and school leaders are working to improve student learning outcomes through the effective use of digital learning.

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